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 Fillithie Ironfoot

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PostSubject: Fillithie Ironfoot   Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:30 pm

Fillithie Ironfoot age: 13

The life of Fillithie Ironfoot begins as most dwarven lives begin, deep in the caverns of the Red Mountains. Here we find the mother and father of Fillithie, Yarven and Grimald. Both parents are skilled smelters and work, like most common dwarfs, deep in the cavern walls retrieving gems and any other wealthy items.
All is well until one tragic day, Fillithie is out in the caverns do some common work, at his parents request, when he hears a loud boom coming from the east side of the cavern walls. Fillithie quickly drops everything and makes his way towards the disturbance. once there he sees a large hole blown into the side of the surrounding cavern walls. There is also a large goblinoid creature making his way through the large hole. Fillithie, seeing this, quickly runs back to his homestead in search of his parents. Once there he finds that his parents are missing. he then proceeds to run back to the large hole and sees the goblins are now in full force and slaughtering any dwarf in sight.
Fillithie, in a panic, runs back the homestead and shuts the door, barricading it with anything he can find. the young dwarf must have sat there for five minutes in a deep panic before he heard someone yell at the door. It was grimald. Fillithie rises to his feet and quickly opens the door to see his father in a bloody mess and mortally wounded. Fillithie rushes his father to the nearest bed and lays him in it. "fillithie you must take my shortsword and crossbow and make your way through the cavern to freedom." says grimald. "father what has happened to mother? has she fallen?" Yelled fillithie. "your mother has fallen and is with Tolgar now. she is in a better place my son. now, make haste, the goblin horde draws near! Run you fool! Keep the Ironfoot name alive!" Said grimald with his last bit of free air.
And there sat Fillithie, in a daze, stiff as a board, and not able to comprehend what had just happened. Just then, a medium sized goblin rushes in the door and wields his sword at fillithie, just barely missing him. Fillithie stumbles around and in his haste the goblin raises his sword for the final blow. there is nothing for young fillithie to do, so he makes his peace with Tolgar and awaits the end. as fillithie says his final words, his eyes closed, and awaiting the end, he hears a strange gargling noise. Fillithie raises his head to see that the goblin standing with a knife protruding through his thick gut. Fillithie raises to his feet and sees, Guntar, also a young dwarf about the same age, has stabbed the goblin in the back. "hurry grab your things!" says guntar. Fillithie grabs his fathers items and makes his way through the cavern and finally at the bottom the of the red mountains.
"they are all dead!" yells guntar, frantically pacing back and forth. "guntar, there will be time to grieve in the future. we must now fight for our survival. for we are now outsiders. we must learn to survive or die trying!" so they press on...

Fillithie age: 23 Guntar age: 21

Its been nearly ten years since the goblin invansion. Fillithie and Guntar have been living in the wilderness of westgate with a human ranger, who has never shared his name with the dwarves. The ranger has taught them everything he knows and has been some what of a father figure to them. as of late, the ranger has grown deathly ill and is on his deathbed and now talks to the dwarves. "keep each other close. you are as close as brothers and that is the strongest bond any man AND dwarf can have." and he passes away. Guntar storms out the of the cabin and into the woods, leaving fillithie to his thoughts. many moments pass and Fillithie hears a horrible shout coming from outside. He runs outside to see guntar on his knees with two goblins with crossbows to the back of guntars head.
"you think we wouldnt find you boys?" says one of the goblins right before he cocks back his crossbow and shoves it in the back of guntars head.
"filthy dwarves!" says the other goblin.
"Fillithie, helppppp me!" but before guntar could finish, the run a bolt directly through the back of guntars head killing him instantly. Fillithie with nothing but bloodlust and hatred now pulls out his crossbow and rams a bolt directly into one of the goblins skull. the other goblin takes off, but fillithie catches up and bullrushes him to the ground. takes out his shortsword and repeatedly stabs the goblin in the chest till his face is covered in blood. Fillithie rises to his feet and carries his friends body into the cabin and lays it next to the ranger. he then steps outside and closes the door and sets fire to the cabin, so the remains go untouched. He now marches aimlessly through the forest... and thus begins the story of Fillithie. a story of one dwarfs struggle to regain what he has lost, his home. and to take down any evil force that may stand in his way.
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Fillithie Ironfoot
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