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 Vigor Blackfire

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PostSubject: Vigor Blackfire   Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:03 pm

Story of half-orcs often starts off with the same tragic beginning. A story of violence and perversion, but Vigor is the exception to the rule. His mother, Helean, a human noble woman from Westgate, his father a former orc champion Visigoth. After his fathers horde raided Westgate, Helean was taken hostage and when Visigoth refused to kill her, they two fled into the woods.

The two made their home deep in the wilderness, and in due time the two had a healthy half-orc boy named Vigor. Being such an unconventional couple Vigor’s parents wanted to teach him to be worldly and know his surroundings. As he grew up his family always had books in their home from all over the land. It would be common to hear the 3 talking in numerous languages including, abyssal, draconic and even goblin. Feeling that physical training was just as important as more cerebral endeavors.

When Vigor turned 17, is wonder for knowledge and adventure could no longer be contained in the woods with his parents. So he branched out into the world of Aldaroth. For the past 5 years Vigor has been traveling the land, never staying in the same place to long still trying to find his big adventure……
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Vigor Blackfire
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