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 The continent of Zephyr

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PostSubject: The continent of Zephyr   Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:34 am

What I consider to be the main continent on Oldoroth, Zephr is a moderately sized bit of land (Roughly the size of Europe) that houses many types of environments.

The north-eastern bit of Zephyr is filled with a dense, wooded area known as the Forest of Corynth. Various small villages exist within the woods including a small community of humans from West Gate stationed there for tactical purposes. This town (whose name I'm spacing) is also the home town of the legendary hero of Oldoroth (whose name I'm also spacing. It's late...). Just north of the forest of Corynth lies the Gulf of Corynth which houses the Islands of Horizon.

Traveling west from Corynth you are met with the spine of Zephyr known as the Red Mountains which travel down south. Just over the first pass of the Red Mountains is a small town named Crane Hollow (which may or may not be a lake depending on the year). Going even farther west, just as the forest and foothills end, the plains open up wide into the city of WestGate. WestGate is the second largest city on Zephyr and is the beacon of industrialism and technology on this continent, this is also the first city to manufacture airships.

Just outside of WestGate lay the Dusk Forest, extending towards the western ocean and the port-city of Ethril, the largest example of above-ground civilization on Zephyr.

...More will be added onto this later. Also, Danny, I need help remembering stuff from the first campaign.
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The continent of Zephyr
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