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 Gladious's Final Words at the Battle of Norsa

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PostSubject: Gladious's Final Words at the Battle of Norsa   Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:11 pm

I was kind of a mess when i gave this so i thought i would share it here. if anyone wanted to read it.

The music playing during the speech is here. listen and read for best effect.

"Today we stand against this army of thousands, that threatens our lives, our homes, and our land. This is where we fight, and THEY DIE. No matter what comes at us we will stand firm.
We found each other, a generals son with everything hes ever know taken from him, an orc out casted by his clan, an elf with her family killed and now her kingdom threatened, a knight and a rouge with their home to defend, and a bard with her city destroyed, and now we stand here together. A group of once distant strangers, now friends now a family, now brothers, and we will show this enemy just how ruthless we are, and make them sorry they ever stepped foot on our land and took what was ours.

When men speak of this day they will weep of regret that they were not here by our side. You will be the names in the tales that fathers tell their sons.
Not all of us will survive this battle, but we will not die heros, NO! we will die as legends! as men who fought and shed every drop of blood they had for what the believed in.
I have fought countless battles but if I am to fall this day, then it would be an honor, to fight and die at the side of warriors, and friends like you.
We will make their blood run with fear, the last thing they will see will be the rage in our eyes, and they will feel our pain and our vengeance as we take the very life out of them.
Now ride with me into hell, into revenge, into VICTORY!"

Gladious raises his sword and screams a war cry that can be heard in the deepest layer of hell. As the men, and elves surround you start to scream and the sound of blades clearing sheaths and the pounding of armor fills the air. Gladious's nightmare rears back as flames shoot from its nostrils. You look forward to see the lines of thousands of black guards, and take a deep breath as you charge into your last battle...

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Gladious's Final Words at the Battle of Norsa
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