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 Charles Whitlock

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PostSubject: Charles Whitlock   Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:30 pm

Charles is the second born of the Whitlocks, heirs to the fortune of the late Francis Whitlock; a great industrialist and tradesman of West Gate. Francis Jr, Charles’ father, is a gentleman, famed sport hunter, and owner of Whitlock Industries. Currently he does little more than delegate investments and share hunting stories at the local gentleman’s club. Francis Whitlock III, Charles’ older brother, is a renowned vampire hunter who claims expertise of those creatures and their Lycan cousins. Though he is well versed and has much experience as a vampire hunter, he is more concerned with attending high class parties and impressing noblewomen with his wit than investigating supernatural threats.
Annoyed by the social shadow caste upon him by his father and brother, Charles Whitlock devoted himself to the study of the natural (and what we would think of as supernatural) world. Charles took advantage of his family’s fortune by learning science and philosophy from the best schools available. While researching various magical and clerical orders of Zephyr, he was introduced to the school of Alchemy and soon became devoted to its study.
Charles became enamored by the mysteries of Alchemy. He used wealth and family name to obtain manuscripts of past Alchemists but quickly abandoned his fortune to devote himself fully to his search for enlightenment through Alchemy.
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Charles Whitlock
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